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More Project Participants

Now that the project has moved on to a new level, we are glad to inform you that the International Exhibition of Calligraphy in St. Petersburg did not terminate the recruitment of new participants. On the contrary, more men and women are joining our ranks. As you might have guessed, the aim of this piece of news is to introduce you two more calligraphers: Torfi Jonsson, a teacher and designer from Iceland and Anne Yokosakamakiokimoto Yamasaki, an American calligrapher. .

Anne Yamasaki says calligraphy is her hobby and delight. “I live, breathe and eat calligraphy”, says Anne. “When dieting, I consume fewer o's and q's and more l's”.

More Project Participants Anne Yamasaki
More Project Participants Works by Anne Yamasaki

Torfi Jonsson has taught calligraphy in Icelandic Art School (and has been its Headmaster for four years), and for thirteen years he has given lessons on calligraphy and typography in Germany. The very process of writing is a challenge for the artist. “Even type designers often rely on ink and paper to bring zest to their computer work,” he said.

More Project Participants Torfi Jonsson
More Project Participants Works by Torfi Jonsson

Source: International Exhibition of Calligraphy.

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Calligraphy is the art of both ideal writing and an ideal soul.