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All about calligraphy

All about calligraphy

All about calligraphy. Calligraphy ascends to the ancient traditions of writing manuscripts. The art of calligraphy is described in many essays, books and sayings. «It is the most private, inner and spontaneous form of expression» says German Zapf, a German calligrapher «as fingerprints or a voice it is unique for every separate person».

The calligraphic world is wonderfully large and diverse. We tried to touch upon the most interesting aspects of this type of art in the section «LIBRARY». In the section «WRITING» we will learn about this art as well as communicative writing devices: graphics and the alphabet.

How to master a correct signature, what is the difference between Chinese and Japanese calligraphy, when was GRAFFITI art born — You can learn about all these things in the present section.

We invite you to make an interesting tour in the calligraphic world.

Innumerous sketches, essays and aphorisms exist that explore the art of calligraphy.

In this section we’ll touch upon various fields of calligraphy from the invention of the Russian script to patterns of world celebrities’ signatures.

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Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is frozen poetry.