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Mystery of the World of Calligraphy exhibition

(December 9th—14th, 2008, Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow)

The Mystery of the World of Calligraphy exhibition was officially opened on the 9th of December. The first words that come across your mind when you try to describe the event are «elegance», «grace», «refinement»...

At the beginning Denis Shapovalov , Mstislav Rostropovich’s apprentice, played Bach.

Andrey Busygin, Deputy Minister of Culture, addressed the audience with a welcoming speech. He also cited a telegram from Alexander Avdeyev, the RF Minister of Culture.

The opening ceremony was attended by many famous calligraphers: Evgeny Dobrovinsky, Pyotr Chobitko, Yuri Koverdyaev, Nazip Ismagilov and Andrea and Volker Thomas Wunderlich came purposely from Germany. Israeli calligraphy was represented by Avraham Borshchevsky and India by Manohar Desai.

The exhibition has featured the works of more than seventy well-known calligraphers representing different traditions and schools from: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Europe, Baltic States, USA, Israel, China, Japan, Syria, Mongolia, Turkey, Australia, India, Taiwan, Palestine, Jordan, Brazil, Peru, Armenia and Iran.

The exposition also displayed: manuscript samples of immense historic value of different ages; rare handwritten books; a collection of miniature books; utensils for writing and lettering and books about calligraphy published in different countries. Applied calligraphy was represented by embroidery and calligraphic engravings.

The hallmark of that exhibition, and in general of all the projects within the framework of the International Exhibition of Calligraphy, was a tight schedule of lectures, demonstrations and master-classes from the most prominent calligraphers. Another distinctive feature was the fact that the programme was aimed not only at professionals but at wide audience as well, including children.

The exhibition framework has featured a unique event: the presentation of the first handwritten Constitution of the Russian Federation. Moreover, thirty-five miniature constitutions (of the USSR, Russian Federation, USA, CSI, Asia and Europe) were on special display. The text of the inauguration oath and speech of Dmitry Medvedev, RF President incumbent, aroused considerable interest.

A milestone in the grand project: the International exhibition of calligraphy was erected on December 14, 2008. It is a bit sad to come into empty halls that were overcrowded the day before, where music played and sounds of children’s astonished exclamations wafted all around the hall... But the project organizers have already announced their future plans including: new exhibitions, festivals and many other things.

See you soon!

Exhibition opens in 1408 days
Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is frozen poetry.