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Torfi Jónsson

Torfi Jónsson

Torfi Jónsson


Calligrapher, teacher, layout artist


“My name is Torfi Jonsson”.

“I was born on 2nd April, 1935 in Eyrarbakki, Iceland."

“I graduated from Commercialskool of Iceland in 1954”.

“In 1961 I graduated from Hamburg Academy (Staatliche Hochschule fur bildende Kunste Hamburg). My teacher in calligraphy was Werner Bunz and my teacher in typography was Herr von Sichowsky”.

“I was the headmaster of the Icelandic Art School for four years. I worked out the lay-out of many books and Art books. I have taught in Iceland Art School since 1962. I finished the University of Education in 1991. I taught Calligraphy and typography at the Industriskool in Reykjavik. I have given lessons in calligraphy and typography in Germany for thirteen years, two times a year”.

I worked on the lay-out of many books in Norway in the NKS publishing house from 1977-1980. I have much experience in calligraphy and water-colour painting.

One of my works got a prize in the “Lay-out” category in Leipzig 1975 (Schonste Bucher aus aller Welt /The Most Beautiful Book in the World).

Author works


Lithographic paper, Japanese ink, small pen, 30x38 cm, 1970–1980.


Lithographic paper, Japanese ink, small pen, 30x42 cm, 1970–1980.


Lithographic paper, Japanese ink, small pen, 29x34 cm, 1970–1980.
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