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The first master-class and the first success of the exhibition

The International Exhibition of Calligraphy, which has pushed its doors open to its visitors and guests, is gaining tremendous momentum and attracting big interest.

The guests who have come here are getting to learn more about the cultural heritage of the world of calligraphy writing. Here they are offered ample opportunities to find out about its origin and current applications.

Today Georgy Kozubov, PhD in Art History, Professor, Member of the Union of Artists of Russia, conducted a master class. Those who were lucky enough to take part in it, were enthusiastically trying to capture his every move, while Mr. Kozubov was fantasizing his calligraphic sketches.

The first master-class and the first success of the exhibition Master-class by Georgy Kozubov

Later, Georgy was interviewed by the 100-TV channel. He admitted that the emergence of the International Exhibition of Calligraphy is practically a historic event, and added, “We are talking about the second birth of the culture, which existed and prospered years ago, but was destined to fade away in the era of computer routine and pragmatic reality…”

However, the upcoming days can boast of a busy program featuring a colorful palette of various events - from lectures by the true gurus of the world of calligraphy writing to contests between young calligraphy lovers.

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Source: International Exhibition of Calligraphy

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