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New works for a new exhibition

There are only a few weeks left until a milestone event — the launch of the II International Exhibition of Calligraphy — and preparations are already well underway. These days, original and interesting works are enlarging the project collection at the fastest rate ever. We got more than 60 works by Russian and foreign authors specially created for the project. New masterpieces are characterized by striking originality, expressiveness and unusual technique.

For example, the new works of Mari Emily Bohley (Germany) are remarkable by their color, complex texture, and original combination of gouache, acrylic paints and gold. Jean Larcher (France), a virtuoso of refined and delicate calligraphy, sent an amazingly complex work – Journey to the Roman Alphabet — the journey made by the realistically depicted ladybug. A large-scale work by Katharina Pieper (Germany) is multi-layered and diverse — she compares human soul to a fiery and passionate dancer. New works by Hans Maierhofer (Germany) will be interesting to the lovers of clear and concise calligraphy when brushwork is the only self-sufficient visual vehicle. A bright oriental color fulfills works by the new project participants: Qamar Dagar (India), Jamshed Qaisar (Pakistan), as well as the works of Mohammad Abdullah Ghannoum, a Syrian artist.

Quite striking in technique are the works of another project member — Barbara Calzolari, an Italian artist, — who uses old and decayed paper and fabric as background for her works. Multiple-layer canvases, embroidered with countless lines, are reminiscent of old quilts, thus looking especially warm and cozy. Barbara’s pictures are clear samples of female calligraphy expressing the rich sensual and emotional world.

New works will undoubtedly surprise and become a source of inspiration for designers, artists, and connoisseurs of beauty and harmony.

New works for a new exhibition

Source: International Exhibition of Calligraphy

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