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Yoshiko Yoshida

Yoshiko Yoshida

Yoshiko Yoshida

Okayama, Japan

Сalligrapher, artist-decorator

My calligraphy is just myself

My calligraphy is just myself. It expresses all the emotions that we have, such as sadness, anger, agony, delight, pleasure, hatred, and happiness, etc.

Calligraphy needs rhythm and body movements as well, in other words, it asks you to be conscious of your breathing. It is like meditation. When you learn classics from ancient Chinese and Japanese calligraphers' works, you should be very careful about the speed and rhythm, and then you can feel the classics' very precise and delicate nuances. When I find myself open to be synchronized with a classic, I am so released and I feel “SOMEONE” blesses me. When I attain such state of mind, I can accept myself, and can go ahead with producing my own works with Chinese characters and developing abstractive calligraphy freely based on classics. Working on classics leads you to the essence of creative activity.

That is why I always go back to learning classics and start from them over and over again, which is just daily and regular work for me.

Before I complete a piece of work, I always practice more than 50 sheets of paper. The more I write, the more I feel the rhythm and the flow in my work. I know the importance of white parts in my works, too. The harmony of the black and white can only be achieved after hard work, and when I find it there, it brings me happiness and delight. I can get much power then, so I go back confronting myself with Chinese and Japanese classics again.

Author works


Chinese black ink made in Japan, Chinese rice paper made in China, 60x90 cm, 2012

Fallen leaves

Chinese poem.
Chinese black ink made in Japan, Chinese rice paper made in China, 60x90 cm, 2012

Deep Love

Black ink, brush, Chinese Kousehai paper, 85.6x84.8 cm, 2010

Buddha’s Love

Black ink, brush, Chinese Kousehai paper, 70х137.5 cm, 2010

Love is Eternal

Black ink, brush, Chinese Kousehai paper, 61.4х120.4 cm, 2010

Love is Tenderness

Black ink, brush, 61.3х182.5 cm, 2010

Everything is different

Chinese rice paper, ink, 168x84cm , 2014


Chinese rice paper, ink, 132x66cm , 2014
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Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is the art of both ideal writing and an ideal soul.