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Toreev Yuri

Toreev Yuri

Toreev Yuri

Minsk, Belarus

Calligrapher, graphic designer, associate professor at the Department of Graphic Design in the Belarus State Academy of Arts

Calligraphy is a Special State of the Mind

No doubt that calligraphy is art, and it deserves greater development than exists now. I am glad there are people to whom it is really interesting. Calligraphy is reviving, it is true. Even though advertising of this art is not sufficiently developed, there are people and whole coteries that are engaged and develop in this field.

To confirm my words I can say that calligraphy studios exist. People study, prove and create there. This direction is rather actively developing and will perhaps turn into something serious.

If we go into the streets we will see a lot of calligraphy in many cities of the world. I mean graffiti now. Yes, it is a fully-fledged art. The other question is what sense is vested in these writings. We can see it is a fairly expressive and meaningful type of art; but calligraphy may and must be different.

Calligraphy lives and develops; it turns from a classical field into another form. Isn’t it so in other types of art? Let’s remember artists from different epochs. What is creative work now? We see calligraphy as it is now, and it’s normal. Everything develops, flows and changes.

One should not forget that it is at our time that Iranian calligraphy that is full of fragments and symbolic sense, the entire yet-unknown layer of culture, was discovered. Just imagine that entire nations having their own history to express the enormous life experience accumulated by generations on paper. It deserves attention, doesn’t it? The answer is obvious. Everything a person does is accompanied with emotions and inner feelings, and calligraphy is able to record and immediately reflect that. One can say with confidence that calligraphy is sincerity in the recording of movements, and a movement is a reflection of the internal work of a human being.

Calligraphy grows and develops at the rate it should. The fact that more and more people pay attention to it proves that the community changes and that we are in for a healthy future. At present, our objective is to remember everything that was done in the field we are interested in, because it will help open new horizons and make great achievements in our hobby.

What does calligraphy mean to a human being? Asking this question, I would like to say that it is a special state of mind a human being gets in at the time of creation. This is a special, unique feeling. A fully-fledged creature will only appear when a person will entirely plunge into his/her creature. A graphic emotion, expression and experiment in composition – that’s what calligraphy means to me.

Author works

Apocalypse. Chernobyl. Wormwood Star

Paper, ink, coffee, acryl, brush, pen, air brush, 89x66.5 cm, 2010

Marina. Sheet 1

(After the poem “Who is made of stone…” by M. Tsvetayeva). Diptych. 2 sheets. Paper, acryl, brush, ruling pen, 65x50 cm, 2009

Marina. Sheet 2

(After the poem “Who is made of stone…” by M. Tsvetayeva).Diptych. 2 sheets. Paper, acryl, brush, ruling pen, 65x50 cm, 2009

Birds’ Voices

Paper, ink, rubber adhesive, pen, brush 54x54 cm, 2002

Continuous Writing

Paper, ink, 54x54 cm, 2006

Birds’ Voices

Paper, ink, nib, brush, 210х297 cm, 2005

Calligraphic Sign

Paper, brush, pen, ink, scanning, printer, 84x84 cm, 2003


Writing on glass with a rubber brush upon wet gouache, photo print from glass by a contact method, scanning, printer, 84x68 cm, 2003

“The snow is falling, thus drawing veil up to horizon…”

Paper, pen, ink, 84x84 cm, 2008

“All the world’s a stage…”The whole world is a theater...

Paper, ink, ruling pen, brush, 49,9x65 cm, 2010

“Stay as foam Aphrodite – Art –and return, Word, where music begins…”“Stay as foam Aphrodite – Art –and return, Word, where music begins…”“Stay as foam Aphrodite – Art – and return, Word, where music begins…” Based on the poem by Osip Mandelstam "Silentium".

Paper, ink, acrylic, graphite, pen, drafting pen, 49,9x65 cm, 2010

We saw freedom far away...

Paper, drawing pen, brush, ink, watercolour, 42x70cm, 2014.

Daily Calligraphic Experiments

Paper, drawing pen, brush, ink, 42x61cm, 2014.

Koliads. Birth of the Original ”I” (in Belorussian)

Impressional calligraphy, paper, brush, ink, ruling pen, tempera, glass pipe, 625 x 460 mm, 2017

All in Good Time

Expressive abstract calligraphy, paper, brush, ink, ruling pen, 700 x 460 mm, 2017

The Capital. Illustration of Feelings

Emotional calligraphy, paper, brush, ink, 495 x 458 mm, 2017
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Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy — the written beauty of feelings.