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Valery Pereskokov

Valery Pereskokov

Valery Pereskokov

Moscow, Russia

Calligrapher, glass painter, jeweler, mosaic artist, stonecutter, application artist, graphic artist

About calligraphy

I became familiar with calligraphy as a kind of art when I was 15, and then the intricate flourishes of letters captured my imagination. Search for information concerning this amazing art wasn’t a simple deal. In the course of time the collected material made it possible for me to look at calligraphy from a different view point – rather like a part of world culture, not as a collection of beautiful ornaments. I would even say calligraphy is a philosophy embodied in beauty and simple in conveying the meanings of written symbols.

With the passing of time there arrives the understanding of the value of calligraphy as a handmade, individual designer’s piece of art.

It is especially valuable in the era of unification and computers.

I hope calligraphy will not disappear in the wild rhythm of the 21st century. I am glad the art is passed on from generation to generation and is live till now.

I wish all artists success in creative activity!

I would like to express my gratitude for organization of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy. Many thanks for such a glorious undertaking!

Author works

Family cipher PV

Embossed paper, mixed media, watercolor, tempera, acryl, pastel, ink, 37x35 cm, 2004

Personal monogram CK

Embossed paper, mixed media, watercolor, tempera, acryl, pastel, ink, 30,5x26,5 cm, 2004

N. M. P. Family Monogram

Mixed stained glass technique, hand assembling, multi-layered fusing, tiffany, cabochons, copper, tin, patina, 67x47cm , 2014. In collaboration with Yelena Nechiporenko

L.G. Family Monogram

Mixed technique - watercolour, ink, acrylic. Cotton handmade paper, passe-partout, glass, strip of board, hanging hook, 47x56cm , 2014.

Personal monogram "EР"

Brocaded paper, watercolours, tempera, ink, pastel, 330х300 mm, 2017

Family monogram "H.O."

Brocaded paper, pencil, 330х260 mm, 2014
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Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is the art of both ideal writing and an ideal soul.