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About calligraphy

I became familiar with calligraphy as a kind of art when I was 15, and then the intricate flourishes of letters captured my imagination. Search for information concerning this amazing art wasn’t a simple deal. In the course of time the collected material made it possible for me to look at calligraphy from a different view point – rather like a part of world culture, not as a collection of beautiful ornaments. I would even say calligraphy is a philosophy embodied in beauty and simple in conveying the meanings of written symbols.

With the passing of time there arrives the understanding of the value of calligraphy as a handmade, individual designer’s piece of art.

It is especially valuable in the era of unification and computers.

I hope calligraphy will not disappear in the wild rhythm of the 21st century. I am glad the art is passed on from generation to generation and is live till now.

I wish all artists success in creative activity!

I would like to express my gratitude for organization of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy. Many thanks for such a glorious undertaking!



压花纹纸、混合技术、水彩颜料、水胶颜料、水粉颜料、色粉画笔、绘图墨水 37х35厘米 2004年


压花纹纸、混合技术、水彩颜料、水胶颜料、水粉颜料、色粉画笔、绘图墨水 30.5х26.5厘米 2004年

«Н. М. П.» 开头的家庭组合字母图案

窗彩画玻璃混合技术、手工装配、多层"融合"、"蒂芙尼"、凸圆形、铜、锡、铜绿 67х47厘米 2014年 与叶林娜•尼奇波连科合作


压花纹纸、铅笔 33х26厘米2014年
距开幕只剩 1187 days