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Valery Pereskokov

Valery Pereskokov

Valery Pereskokov

Moscow, Russia

Calligrapher, glass painter, jeweler, mosaic artist, stonecutter, application artist, graphic artist


He was born in the town of Ramenskoye (Moscow Region) in 1963.

1978-1981 Studied at an Art College (qualification - jeweler).
1982-1984 Army service.

1984-1989 Worked at an enterprise of monumental and decorative art of the Moscow Union of Artists.
Professional stone-cutter and glass-artist.

He designed Florentine mosaics in natural stone and stained glass (he decorated some Soviet embassies abroad, as well as Moscow metro stations, municipal buildings, stadiums, and airports in various countries).

1990-2004 Worked in a number of interior decorating workshops.

Since 2004 - Designed and executed family ciphers and personal monograms.

Author works

Family cipher PV

Embossed paper, mixed media, watercolor, tempera, acryl, pastel, ink, 37x35 cm, 2004

Personal monogram CK

Embossed paper, mixed media, watercolor, tempera, acryl, pastel, ink, 30,5x26,5 cm, 2004

N. M. P. Family Monogram

Mixed stained glass technique, hand assembling, multi-layered fusing, tiffany, cabochons, copper, tin, patina, 67x47cm , 2014. In collaboration with Yelena Nechiporenko

L.G. Family Monogram

Mixed technique - watercolour, ink, acrylic. Cotton handmade paper, passe-partout, glass, strip of board, hanging hook, 47x56cm , 2014.

Personal monogram "EР"

Brocaded paper, watercolours, tempera, ink, pastel, 330х300 mm, 2017

Family monogram "H.O."

Brocaded paper, pencil, 330х260 mm, 2014
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