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Nikolai Taranov

Nikolai Taranov

Nikolai Taranov

Volgograd, Russia

Calligrapher, Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Candidate of Art History, Professor, member of the Union of Artists of Russia

Works of the students

Alexander Sviridov

Sabina Kulieva

Author works

Psalm of David "Praise God in his sanctuary"

Toned paper, broad-nib and sharp-pointed nib pens, tempera, 47x68 cm, 2010

Feather and Sword

Tinted paper, gouache, broad brush, sharp-pointed nib pen, 40x60 cm, 2009

Application to become a member of the National Union of Calligraphers

20.8х29 cm, 2009


Tinted paper, sharp-pointed nib pen, broad brushes, gouache, 35x50 cm, 2007


Tinted paper, sharp-pointed nib pen, broad brushes, gouache, 35x50 cm, 2007


Tinted paper, broad brushes, gouache, 35x50 cm, 2007


Tinted paper, broad brushes, gouache, 35x50 cm, 2007

Hand-written book 1

Toned paper, wide edged pen, Chinese ink, aquarel,21x30


Tinted paper, sharp-pointed nib pen, brush, ink, gouache, 34x46 cm, 2007

The Craft of Handwritten Script

PH MPI, Moscow, 14x19 cm, 1991

The Craft of the Script. Methodological instructive regulations

PH Peremena, Volgograd, 14x20 cm, 2005

Handwritten Script

PH Vishcha school at the Lvov State University, Lvov, 17x24 cm, 1986

Secrets of the Russian Land "Runes of the Slavs and the Glagolitic"

PH Popular assembly, Moscow, 368 pages, 13x20 cm, 2010

Artistic and Image Expressiveness of Fonts

PH Peremena, Volgograd, 18x24 cm, 2000

Font and Image in Publishing

PH World of a book at MSAP, Moscow, 14x19 cm, 1995

Writing utensils of N. Taranov

Stop living this way… Bill Gates

Brush, acryl, 500 x 640 mm, 2016

Your Errors are Your Power

Broad nibs, ink, 2016

Life is a Quarantine before Entering the Paradise. Karl Veber

Brush, gouache, 500 x 720 mm, 2016
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Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is a kind of music not for the ears, but for the eyes.
(V. Lazursky)