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Katharina Pieper

Katharina  Pieper

Katharina Pieper

Homburg, Germany

Calligrapher, designer, lettering artist, teacher, writer, editor

Welcome to My World of Calligraphy

It seems that when we are writing – and that’s what calligraphers are engaged in during the entire day – we do not just mechanically copy the text; we live by it, it becomes a part of ourselves. I always select texts that inspire me, that reflect my thoughts, poems that I can live. Most of these feelings are shown in works by Henning Sabo, Bettine von Arnim, Emily Dickinson, Hildegard von Bingen, in 81 poems by Lao Tsu, East Asian hokku, the poetry of the Buddhist trend of Dzen. I find texts for my creative work in poetry, mysticism, religion and philosophy.

I sometimes do not manage to find a text that meets my emotions or a topic I would like to write about. Even though I admire the work of modern literature, I can be absolutely helpless before selection. Once I discovered I am able to transfer my own thoughts to paper. And I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by the result. “Could that be written by me? It seems so familiar”. Then I sat at the table and wrote the same text by hand or on the computer again and again. I was overwhelmed with words; like a vehement flow, they flew from my pen to a clean sheet of paper, as if they sought to harmoniously fill the entire space, with the rhythm and melody that are typical of them only. The text is singing; the words are dancing; and thoughts are transformed into calligraphy.

Now you are looking at the lines with pleasant surprise and forgot what you knew: they (the lines) can be read. Try just to surrender to the flow offered by the world of writing itself together with me; feel it together with me; let’s plunge into this source together.

The world of writing, just as the reality that surrounds us, is multi-faceted, it helps us understand our culture and our origins. Perhaps, there is no other type of art that lets us render both emotions and thoughts. Intuition, on the one hand, and knowledge, on the other hand, shapes a harmoniously developed personality. When a person is writing, both hemispheres of the human brain start to interact with each other; the infinite flow of thoughts, feelings and emotions connects them into the single whole. The only thing required for that purpose is correctly selected fountain pen and paper. I would not like to speak about the process that precedes the birth of beautiful letters, because this topic is very frequently touched upon. The 25-year experience and the 25-year practice of calligraphy teaching have taught me much. Nonetheless, I still discover many new things, by visiting courses, reading books, talking to people from different cultures and nationalities having extensive experience. All of us are united by the common goal – to bring beauty to our world.

Author works

But my soul is a passionate dancer

Color chamois paper, watercolour, wood stain, gouache, brushes, ruling pen, tape standartgraph pen, 61x89 cm, 2009

Alles fliesst (Everything passes)


Time caresses so silently my breath...

Black paper, gouache, Chinese brush, metal nib (Brause), ruling pen, 50x70 cm, 2005


Paper, gouache, Japanese Ink, chinese brush, ruling pen, 50x70 cm, 2002

I was taught by water, I was taught by wind

Paper, watercolour, chinese brush, metal nib (Brause), ruling pen, 50x65,5 cm, 2005

Wasser (Water, Tears Withheld) - Pablo Neruda

Paper, watercolor, Japanese Ink, Chinese brush, ruling pen, 50x70 cm, 2003

Dream water. Leporello

Paper, watercolor, gouache, Chinese brush, broad-nib metal pen (Brause), ruling pen, 45x120 cm (closed 21x45 cm), 2007

Night water

Paper, watercolor, Japanese ink, 55x75 cm., 2008

Mind — Spirit— Soul

Paper, watercolor, brushes, ink, metal nib (Brause), 44.5x62 cm, 2000

Lao Tse. Tao Te Ching. Maxim 77

Paper, watercolor, wood stain, brushes, metal nib (Brause), 44,5x62 cm, 2002

Lao Tse. Tao Te Ching. Maxim 14

Paper, watercolor, wood stain, brushes, metal nib (Brause), 44,5x62 cm, 2002


Set of 21 postcards

Set of post-cards

Set of 20 postcards and 20 envelopes



Schöpfer Hymnus. A hymn to Creation, the God of Reason and Love. Text by Frank Miller.

Watercolor, wood stain and gouache with brush and nib on paper, 61x90 cm, 2012

Sound of the Water. Song to praise water. Text by Pablo Neruda.

Watercolor, wood stain, salt and gouache with brush and nib on paper, 61x90 cm, 2012

Ode an die Freude

Paper, acrylics, gouache, 45x61cm , 2014

Unity and power and freedom

Paper, acrylics, gouache, brush, ruling pen, broad nib, 45x61cm , 2014
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Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is the flower of a man′ s soul.