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Young Visitors

From the early morning, the halls and parlors of the Repin State Academic Institute of Art, Sculpture and Architecture in Saint-Petersburg delicately accustomed to intellectual and serious talks and discussions were filled with chattering, gibbering and exclamations of kids sometimes broken by bursts of admiration, “Oh, just look at how beautiful this thing is!”

Young Visitors The young visitors

As you might all know, calligraphy is an art influencing you character and soul. Isn’t it a wonder, when a kid has to experience this influence from the very childhood, when his or her nature and skills are just about to flourish? It is in the childhood, that we start to acquire the better part of our habits as well as to develop our worldview. No doubt, calligraphy lessons are 100% sure to implant the most positive skills – such as accuracy, ability to focus upon particular things, diligence, eagerness and understanding of what a true beauty is.

Young Visitors Lessons on the art of beautiful handwriting

Of course, one visit can hardly bring any radical change. However, this visit might stir you to awareness of the importance of calligraphic training in modern education, of the beneficial effect it has on the generations to come.
There is one more thing we should consider. In the short run, we are planning to enter into close cooperation with schools, day-care centers and other establishments on a constant basis. In particular, we are now negotiating with the Saint-Petersburg Center for Kids’ Creativity and Art School named after Nikolai Roerich.

Young Visitors Calligraphy exploration

And indeed, no one can underestimate the huge role of the International Exhibition of Calligraphy, whose author was originally inspired by his little son. The project is destined to bring more warm smiles, kindness, and cheerful spirits.

Young Visitors Project author and exhibition guests

Source: International Calligraphic Exhibition

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Calligraphy — the written beauty of feelings.