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The Tuma Storyteller House-Museum “Tales and True Stories” received an award from the local Administration

The Tuma Storyteller House-Museum “Tales and True Stories” is the first private museum in Tuma, a member of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia. The founder and head of the museum is poet, publicist, member of the Union of Writers of Russia, public figure Alexey Nikolaevich Gushan:

“I am very glad that my work on the social and cultural project “The Tuma Storyteller House-Museum ‘Tales and True Stories'” was acknowledged by the Administration. After all, I’ve really done a lot. Thanks to the proper activity on the internet and the media, our village has begun to create a positive image. The museum has become a must-see for everyone visiting Tuma. It leaves a good impression of the village. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: for me, the museum itself is not the goal but only a step forward in improving the quality of life in Tuma.”

The founder said that this season, the Tuma Storyteller House-Museum “Tales and True Stories” helped organize several cultural events including an evening in memory of the American poetess and journalist who lived in Tuma, Mary Reed, a presentation of the literature anthology “Leave. Stay. Live”, a meeting with Moscow poets and a meeting with the famous Orthodox writer Irina Ordynskaya.

Writers from the literary workshop of Zakhar Prilepin visited Tuma as part of the literary and tourist route “The Way of Love and Fidelity. In the footsteps of Peter and Fevronia”, in which the village had been included due to the museum project. The outcome of the meeting was a number of articles in the media and an essay about Tuma, which will be included in the literature collection — a description of the root “In the footsteps of Peter and Fevronia”.

The Tuma Museum offers guided tours for children from single-parent and low-income families, long-service railway employees, and other social groups within Tuma. Among the visitors of the museum are representatives of various ministries, workers of culture, teachers, tourism industry employees, and Orthodox communities.

Museum address: Ryazan region, Klepikovsky district, Tuma village, Sovetskaya st., 68

Tel.: 8 (977) 503-26-92

Operating hours: open in summer

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