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The Results of Write AiF Beautifully Contest

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On September 5th, the results of Write AiF Beautifully contest jointly held by PH AiF and International Exhibition of Calligraphy were announced. Over six hundred works from four countries; fourteen republics and forty-four regions of the Russian Federation participated in the contest.

The Results of Write AiF Beautifully Contest

Georgy Kozubov, a Moscow calligrapher and professor in the capacity of the Chief Referee of the contest announced the winner – Yuri Koverdyayev. However, Mr. Kozubov noted that many works were also worthy of good praise. Not only the master but the whole team of international calligraphic forum were impressed by the calligraphic chef d’oeuvre of the winner. This professionally executed poster was not only the most beautiful item but also the biggest one - three sq m. Yuri got the chief prize of the contest: a trip to St Petersburg to the International Exhibition of Calligraphy where he will be awarded a diploma signed by most famous world calligraphers.

The Write AiF Beautifully contest proved once again that the socially beneficial and educational project of the revival of calligraphy in Russia, the country that can be rightfully proud of its traditions and unique culture, has not only deep national roots but also every chance for successful development.

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Source: International Exhibition of Calligraphy

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