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“The Land of the Soviets”. The museum of the USSR joined the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia

This dot on the map of Russian museums is an amazing place that will unite everyone: the older generation will have a few pleasant moments of nostalgia, and the younger generation will discover an outstanding world that they have only heard about before.

“The Land of the Soviets” is a museum where you won’t find the notorious sign “Do not touch!”. Go ahead, touch, feel, immerse! Each item has a unique vibe of the past.

The space is divided into several zones, capturing the most heartwarming experiences of the Soviet era: sports, tourism, garage, Soviet toys, living room, kitchen, Soviet backyard. In each location, in addition to exhibits, you will find an interactive experience that will become the highlight of your visit.

Kettlebells competition, heartwarming gathering around the guitar, playing the game of gorodki, watching filmstrips – all this is just the tip of an iceberg of the activities that “The Land of the Soviets” has prepared for you.

Fans of Soviet cars will surely get in line to take a picture in a real Zaporozhets, recreating a photo from the past!

There is something for everyone in the museum because this place was created with love, care, and attention to detail. Do not be surprised if you find something in the exhibition that you’ve had yourself or seen in your parents’ photos.

Founder, owner and director of the museum: Dmitry Yurievich Oktyabrsky.

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Exhibition opens in 1116 days
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