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The International Exhibition of Calligraphy has come to Sokolniki once again!

The grand opening ceremony of the International Exhibition of Calligraphy took place today, on the 1st of November, 2012. At noon the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy in the Sokolniki Park gathered the organizers and friends of the project, as well as numerous representatives of the media. The cozy atmosphere of the exposition was accentuated by famous melodies performed on upright piano by Denis Dronov, the graduate of the Chaikovsky Moscow Conservatoire.


The ceremony was opened by Aleksei Shaburov, director of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy, head of the International Exhibition of Calligraphy project, who told the guests about the achievements that have been made so far and the international recognition the project had now received. The audience was shown a video film portraying the previous three projects in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow and Novgorod, as well as some of the most significant exhibits.


The program of the ceremony featured several musical performances. Aleksandra Dubovitskaya (violin) and Ivan Gusev (upright piano), students of the Gnessins Russian Academy of Musi, winners of national and international contests, played before the audience, and Aleksei Sokolov, the student of the Schnittke Moscow State Institute of Music, winner of many international contests, New Names foundation grant holder performed several famous accordion pieces.


The official part of the ceremony was concluded by a calligraphic performance by Yuri Koverdyayev. The curator of the National school of calligraphy held a workshop accompanied by music. Then there was a lecture by Pyotr Chobitko, the President of the National Union of Calligraphers, which was attended by quite a number of students from St. Petersburg and even representatives of a local TV-channel.


At 2.00 p.m. the International Exhibition of Calligraphy opened for the public. The exposition displays the masterpieces of contemporary calligraphy as seen at the previous exhibitions, as well as completely new works. There are several sets of exhibits to change every week up to December 15. Besides, every Sunday visitors to the museum will have a chance to take part in workshops by famous Russian and foreign calligraphers. For instance, on November 4th there will be a workshop by Apollinaria Mishina and Nadezhda Pavlova. Maria Skopina will hold a special workshop for children.

The detailed schedule of workshops can be found on the official website of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy:, as well as on the exhibition’s webpage:

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