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Tea, music, poetry and wine – an exhibition “Aesthetics of oriental life” in Moscow is opened

The Chinese Cultural Center and the Province of Zhèjiāng jointly organized a small exhibition , dedicated to the ancient arts of tea drinking, music and wine making in China.

The Province of Zhèjiāng is considered the original homeland of tea, porcelain and silk. Tea culture was first spread in this area and became extremely popular. And this is where tea of the type, that we drink today, was produced.

Before the opening of the ceremony, visitors learnt about the history of tea and the tea ceremony.

As the presenters of the event pointed out, such exhibitions help mutual cultural enrichment and let the visitors learn in detail about history and aesthetics of the people of China.

The team of Association of Private Museums of Russia was invited to the opening ceremony. During the meeting with colleagues from the Province of Zhèjiāng the parties planned their further cooperation, agreed about meetings in future, possibility of joint projects. Moreover, the representatives of the Association had a talk with Mr. Ye Jing, the head of the department of culture and tourism development of the Province of Zhèjiāng and invited him to an excursion to Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy, which is in the Association.

Mr. Ye Jing turned out to be a master of calligraphy. He gave a piece of calligraphy – hieroglyph “happiness” as a souvenir. The Chinese people like posting it on the New Year Eve in their houses.

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Exhibition opens in 353 days
Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is the art of deliberate hieroglyphic corruption and transformation in order to reach natural harmony.