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Museum team met with Dmitry Mezentsev in the Federation Council

A meeting with Dmitry Mezentsev, the Chairman of the Economic Policy Committee and the Russian-Chinese Friendship Society, was held on November 29.

Negotiations covered the organization of the forthcoming Great Chinese Calligraphy and Painting exhibition – the parties spoke about the results of the previous exhibition projects, which are held biannually under the auspices of Sokolniki Museum and Educational Complex, demonstrated infrastructural and investment capabilities of the Chinese exhibition, and proposed specific measures to integrate the event into the cultural scene of the capital.

The Great Chinese Calligraphy and Painting, a tiered plenary venue for a cultural dialogue, development and growth of the mutually beneficial cooperation, will see leading calligraphers and artists, tea culture and other business experts, professionals dealing with international relations, politics, history and culture of both countries as partakers. “There is no doubt we’ll be able to hold a truly vivid and impressive event for the cultural scene of the capital in order to shape the vectors for further development of education, bilateral tourism and youth policy relationships between China and Russia,” said Alexey Shaburov, the Director of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy.

China and Russia, both marked by an outstanding history and civilizational achievements, contributed a lot to the development of humanity. Looking back at the 70-year path of developing the relationship between the two countries, it is safe to affirm that mutual respect towards cultural traditions and value systems enables both states with different cultures and development models to coexist peacefully.

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