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Musa Russa Museum-Gallery

Musa Russa is a gallery and an art doll shop, aiming to unite creators under one brand and establish a museum of Russian dolls based on images of women in classical Russian literature of the late 19th and the early 20th centuries.

“Our dolls, first of all, represent the images of Russian women, created by artists drawing inspiration in the Russian classics.

Traditional images in Russian literature are linked to the culmination points of the stories, and each of them is conveyed in a doll.” Sergey Volostnov, brand founder and mastermind behind the brand.

The brand participates in fashion shows and has a close connection to the fashion industry on the same level as luxurious jewelry brands, participates in art festivals and art events. The brand positioning strategy, based on premium quality, detailing the image of each collectible doll, and the cultural background, has been developed as part of a comprehensive project. This made it possible to position it as a premium brand. Each doll is a real work of art. And true art is priceless.

The museum is a member of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia.

Address: Perm Krai, Perm, Chistopolskaya st., house 2.
Phone +7 (902) 478-67-77

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