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Mumbaikars paint their own colourful umbrellas

Come monsoon and citizens are eager to attend the umbrella painting workshop conducted by calligraphy artist Achyut Palav. After having workshops in Goregaon and Belapur, Mumbaikars can look forward to attending these workshops which will be conducted all over Mumbai over the next few weekends.

The workshop was attended by kids as well as adults who enjoyed colouring plain white umbrellas in various patterns using calligraphy under the supervision of Palav and his team. Using acrylic colours on the umbrella dipped in water made for unusual patterns of the colour dripping on all sides. Those who were good at the art of drawing put their talent to good use by drawing shapes or writing in calligraphy script and colouring them too. Others used hand impressions to make unusual patterns. The colourful umbrellas left to dry were a sight to behold.

Rashmi Pathare who attended one of such workshop with her son Tushar, says, “It was fun to make an umbrella using a pattern and colours that I wanted instead of buying a readymade one from the market. While I tried calligraphy, my son Tushar got to try his hand at painting. He also enjoyed dipping his hands in colour and making hand impressions.”

Mumbaikars paint their own colourful umbrellasMumbaikars paint their own colourful umbrellas


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