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Master class of Chen Wen Fu

Today Chinese calligrapher Mr. Chen Wen Fu gave his master class at the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy.

This unique master-class was witnessed not only by adults but also by pupils from two schools of Fine Arts and the advanced study of the Chinese language.

Master class of Chen Wen Fu Master class of Chen Wen Fu

The children went on a tour around the museum; learned about the peculiarities of various calligraphy schools; watched Tatar calligrapher Najip Nakkash’s every move and got sheets of paper with their names inscribed in a fancy Arabic ligature. What else could surprise them?

Master class of Chen Wen Fu Children studying the exposition

When the Chinese master’s brush started to flit over the sheets of paper the children crowded around him, charmed by the process of creation and recruited as it’s active participants.

Master class of Chen Wen Fu During the master class

Every idea, brought forth by the young minds: Friendship, Success and Dream; was transformed by Chen Wen-Fu into a corresponding Chinese saying. They emerged onto the paper according to the master’s will, solidifying and safeguarding good thoughts.

Master class of Chen Wen Fu Master class of Chen Wen Fu

No wonder the kids were overwhelmed with joy, cheering and brandishing the papers on their way back.

Source: International Exhibition of Calligraphy

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