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Greetings from Avraham Hersh-Borshevsky

Greetings from Avraham Hersh-Borshevsky

Dear friends,

Russia is a great museum nation celebrated for cultural traditions and unique literature. And recently Russia gained a new Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy.

This is a visible evidence of the renaissance of the Russian handwriting that is destined, God willing, to become a momentous event not only for Russia but also for the world culture.

I am happy that my works of Hebrew calligraphy contribute to the development of this dynamic and lively project.

Best regards to the founders of the museum,

Avraham Hersh-Borshevsky
calligrapher-artist, Judaic sacred texts expert, Jerusalem, Israel

Приветственное слово Авраама-Эрша Борщевского Joseph Tavor, the First Secretary of the Embassy of Israel,
fellow of the Israeli Cultural Centre donating the artwork by Avraham-Hersh Borshevsky
to Alexey Shaburov, Director of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy.

Source: Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy

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Exhibition opens in 1117 days
Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is the art of deliberate hieroglyphic corruption and transformation in order to reach natural harmony.