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Avraham Borshevsky

Avraham  Borshevsky

Avraham Borshevsky

Jerusalem, Israel

Calligrapher-artist, Judaic sacred texts expert


“Avraham Borshevsky is a globally renowned Hebrew calligrapher and leading Israeli expert in Jewish studies. His parchment artworks can be found in museum and private collections in 30 countries around the world.” “The most sacred of all arts.” The Jerusalem Post, 2010

Avraham Borshevsky (born 1970, the USSR) is a renowned artisan of sacred and creative calligraphy, based in Jerusalem.

Borshevsky’s parchments stand apart through original design and virtuoso execution, valued for the synthesis of Borshevsky’s in-depth understanding of various texts belonging to the People of the Book, and their conceptual image using the language of art. For certain manuscripts, a certain level of knowing gematria* is required to embrace the artist’s intention.

In 2004 Avraham created the unique Tzar Mezuzah**, which was ranked in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest one globally. This masterpiece of Hebrew writing today is a credit to the collection of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy.

Borshevsky’s creations are eagerly sought as exclusive premium personal gifts. Presidents and prime ministers, diplomats, leading rabbis, Christian hierarchs, Forbes businessmen, and globally renowned public characters own the parchments signed by Avraham Borshevsky.

Entertaining individual and group workshops in Borshevsky’s art studio in Jerusalem and at his international exhibitions provide opportunities to know more about the art of one of the leading Israeli calligraphers.

* Gematria is a Hebrew numerology linked to the mystic philosophy of the Kabala.

** Mezuzah is a sacred handwritten parchment manuscript inscribed with a short verse from the Five Books of Moses. It is commonly placed on doorposts of Hebrew homes to keep one of the Bible commandments.

Author works

The World Famous Mezuzah. Deuteronomy 6:4-9, 11:13-21

Calfskin vellum 76x94 cm cased in a 110 cm container. Torah scroll black ink, Turkey quill, black lacquer ink. 2004

Мezuzah official photo

The interior of the world’s largest Kosher Mezuzah is written by A. Borschevsky and registered in the Guinness World Records book of in 2004.
Author reprint, 38.5x29 cm, 2004

The World Famous Mezuzah Parchment. Unfolded. Author reprint.

Facsimile edition 1:1
The original: Calfskin vellum, turkey quill, black lacquer ink, 76x94 cm, 2004

The World Famous Mezuzah. The original certificate

Sentence from Talmud

Facsimile on paper. Hand finished with 24K gold leaf, 36х41.5 cm, 2008

The Priestly Blessing

Facsimile print on paper, hand finished with 24K gold leaf, 2008.

From Psalm 16

Facsimile on paper, hand finished with 24K gold leaf, 2007.

From Psalm 46

Facsimile on paper, hand finished with 24K gold leaf, 2007.

"When thou lightest the lamps". Numbers 8: 1-14

Calfskin vellum, Torah scroll black ink, yellow gold leaf 24K, Indian red сalligraphy ink, brush, turkey quill, 19.5x46,5 cm, 2009

"And it happened at midnight…". Exodus 12, 29-51

Calfskin vellum, Torah scroll black ink, platinum-gold leaf, white gold leaf, egg tempera, brush, turkey quill, 22.5*57 cm, 2009

"Remember not the sins of my youth...". Psalms 25:7

Calfskin vellum, Torah scroll black ink, gold leaf 24K, egg tempera, brush, turkey quill, 33x44 cm, 2008

The Priestly Blessing (original)

Red eastern parchment, Torah scroll ink, turkey quill, 24x49 cm, 2008.

From Psalm 107

Vellum, Torah scroll ink, egg tempera, 24K gold leaf, brush, quill, 21.5x36 cm, 2008

From Psalm 92

Facsimile on paper, hand finished with 24K gold leaf, 32x35 cm, 2008

Mezuzah and a pen

Silver case, parchment – calves-skin, turkey feather, black Torah scroll ink, 24x4 см, 2008

«Truisms (kosher calligraphy)»

Circulation 1000 copies. Published in Jerusalem, Israel, 5769 - 2008
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