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Dialogue between private and state museums started

Management team of the exhibition project “The Private Museums of Russia. Talents of Russia” receives support and thank you notes for their accomplishments and the organization of this unique project, on a daily basis. The event, which will take place in Russia for the first time ever, is going to gather owners of more than 100 private museums from all across Russia under one roof. The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the State Duma Committee for Culture, the International Council of Museums of Russia, Moscow Department of Culture, as well as the Committee for Culture in Saint Petersburg, the Ministry of Culture in the Moscow region, the Republics of Buryatia and Udmurtia, Kamchatka and Ivanovo regions, and many others have already expressed their support.

It stands to mention that the exhibition is supported by the Union of Museums of Russia, represented by its President, Mikhail Piotrovsky. It means that the dialogue involving private and state museums in Russia has begun, and the exhibition will essentially contribute to its development and extension.

Dialogue between private and state museums startedDialogue between private and state museums started
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Exhibition opens in 27 days
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