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Day Four of the Exhibition

Today is the fourth working day of the event. The organizers are quite persistent to justify the title of an international exhibition, discouraging those who might deem it a mere prefix of excessive ambition.

Early visitors to the event chanced to attend a lecture by Mr Henry S. R. Kao, PhD, a recognized professor of psychology from Hong Kong famous for his extensive research in the effect calligraphy has on human health. Today Professor Kao shared the results of his research with the attendees. Everybody could learn today in what ways the art of calligraphy may change human nature and behavior.

After his interesting narration about the Chinese art of calligraphy, all visitors were offered to sink into the world of European calligraphy. French artists Jean Larcher and Katharina Pieper ran a calligraphic performance writing Roman letters with their four hands.

Day Four of the Exhibition Jean Larcher and Katharina Pieper

All visitors were charmed by the tremendous master-class by this French couple.

Day Four of the Exhibition Jean Larcher

The calligraphic trip was gaining momentum and becoming even more interesting and dynamic. There was a change of scene, when the attention of the audience was switched from the French art of calligraphy to the German school. Andrea Wunderlich, a famous German calligraphy writer and designer, conducted a lecture and offered a calligraphic experiment based on the demonstration of the Roman uncial style. This style of handwriting was hot stuff in the 4th century and was used until the 8th century.

Day Four of the Exhibition Andrea Wunderlich

…Another time and space transport and all visitors found themselves at a demonstration lecture by Gunnlaugur Briem, an American designer and publisher who managed to capture universal attention at once. He proposed to discuss the nuances of the mutual influence of traditional writing, calligraphy and new technologies. He set the following scope of problems to cover: do digital tools have enough potential to change the way we work with letterforms? If they do, what is the scenario? How can this art evolve absorbing new technology? Searching for an answer, analyzing various algorithms the designer delivered one of the brightest presentations and an unparalleled piece of reasoning.

Day Four of the Exhibition Gunnlaugur SE Briem

Theory smoothly streamed into practical lessons. Soon all visitors were given a chance to make their calligraphic dreams come true.

Day Four of the Exhibition Master-class preparations

Flowers, smileys, dancing and jumping letters forming words written in italiced, bold and regular types. It seemed all calligraphic trends were blended into one at one table competing in a beauty contest of their own.

Day Four of the Exhibition Calligraphy practice

The best is yet to come in the next two days. We wish all guests and participants to cherish the warm impressions they have received today, so that they could not evaporate, but on the contrary could solidify and lead them through the upcoming freezing winter.

Source: International Exhibition of Calligraphy

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Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is a kind of music not for the ears, but for the eyes.
(V. Lazursky)