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Calligraphy: the Art of Excellence

«Sokolniki MEC will launch its new project dedicated to the art of calligraphy», Aleksey Shaburov, President of Sokolniki MEC and initiator of some original and challenging projects, announced at the closing ceremony of the Mobile Polar Museum. The International Exhibition of Calligraphy is another link in the chain of historical and socially important projects started up by Sokolniki MEC and its executives, Andrei Lapshin and Alexey Shaburov, in particular.

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Calligraphy (from Greek kallos «beauty» + graphe «writing») is the art of fine and neat writing. The story of calligraphy is closely connected with the history of cursive script and writing utensils invention. Before the book printing was invented, calligraphy was the chief method of text graphic design.

The project aims at introducing professionals (artists, art schools students) and amateurs to the art of beautiful handwriting, for calligraphy has been largely and unjustly neglected in recent years. Visitors of the exhibition will try their hand in this fine and delicate art, participating in numerous art contests and quizzes. The International Exhibition of Calligraphy will feature a number of seminars and master classes. The organizers will bring the Calligraphic Catalogue containing the works of the world’s renowned masters to the audience’s attention. The project will be prepared by experts from Russia and abroad.

A new Mobile Museum will be opened within the framework of the exhibition. The museum’s exposition will feature the most interesting and little-studied samples of Slavic writing. Thus, the International Exhibition of Calligraphy is an a

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Exhibition opens in 1181 day
Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is a kind of music not for the ears, but for the eyes.
(V. Lazursky)