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Alexey Shaburov’s Assistant meets Belorussian calligraphers in Minsk

On March 31st, Aleksandr Hodyakin, Assistant President of Sokolniki MEC, met Belorussian calligraphers in Minsk in a casual atmosphere.

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The meeting was dedicated to the preparations for the future sequence of calligraphic exhibitions. As genuine artists, the calligraphers offered some variants for the project development, therefore making a considerable contribution to the common cause.

Gennady Matzur, Ruslan Nayden, Vsevolod Sventokhovsky, Yuri Toreyev and Pavel Semchenko shared their views on the art of calligraphy. It was great to dive into the atmosphere of educated, intellectual and talented people who apply much effort to bring the project’s mission – building a beautiful and healthy society – to successful accomplishment.

Next day Pavel Semchenko invited Aleksandr Hodyakin to his workshop to demonstrate some of his works and to share some secrets of his art.

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The Belorussian masters of calligraphy rely on the project, for the changes going on today are sometimes harmful for spirituality. These wise, people filled with good intentions believe that Alexey Shaburov and his professional team are able to restore the beautiful but forgotten art. And so it is and so it shall be.

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