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Greeting from Vladimir Begletsov

Владимир Беглецов - команда поддержки

Dear friends!

I am glad to greet the organizers and participants of the International Calligraphic Exhibition. It is a pity there is no call for the outstanding art of calligraphy. It is a pity many young people read books on-line and do not know the delight of neat handwriting and smell of fresh printers ink …

I hope the International Calligraphic Exhibition will be the first attempt to cognize this delicate and fine art of calligraphy.

Vladimir Begletsov,
Chief Conductor and Art Director of
the Chamber Choir of Smolny Cathedral

Chamber Choir of Smolny Cathedral is among the Friends of the Project.

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Exhibition opens in 1326 days
Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is frozen poetry.