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Yaroslav Kuts

Yaroslav Kuts

Yaroslav Kuts

Lviv, Ukraine

Calligrapher, designer, graphic artist, pedagogue

Discover yourself

Discover yourself

Life is a long journey, in which we discover and find ourselves. If a person finds a planet called calligraphy in such journey, he will find not only the foothold but a constant source of self-expression, love for oneself and for others.

This love, this discovery starts from love and opening of a clean leaf where each drawn stoke becomes the most exciting business and understanding of not only art but life itself.

Calligraphy is the maximum self-expression, of which a modern human being surrounded by technical achievements forgets. This is a craft that is, unfortunately, replaced and destroyed by technical advances, just as other crafts. However, it should be remembered that, by losing the simple skills of handwriting, we lose not only the sensitivity and development of the hand and eyes – we lose in our emotional and mental development, we lose the source of discovery of the world.

Calligraphy has more precise historical names in Russian and Ukrainian, which are understandable to us, — beautiful writing. The art of beautiful writing has been cultivated and appreciated in each community since the old days, yet it was the sample and the factor in development of culture, art and society in general.

To be able to write beautifully, one should master the writing tools and materials perfectly, and these tools and materials are infinite. One should understand that the process of writing of the same overcoming and mastering of the material as in painting, sculpture and other types of art and craft. The same laws of composition and plastic build-up of the space, as in other types of art, operate in graphic art.

However, the main thing in beautiful writing is to master and to set the visual estimation and hand, to perfectly subordinate it to emotions and the mood of a human being. Of course, to learn to write beautifully, one should master certain quite uncomplicated work methods, preparation of the work station and other “trifles”. One should always remember that it is on trifles that any art is founded on. Art differs from craft by this “bit”, i.e. “trifles”.

It is impossible to master beautiful writing without thorough and painstaking labour, without constant practice. But the same love for and joy of discoveries and overcoming will come to the rescue here. There are no age limitations for mastering calligraphy. It is successfully mastered by children, adults and old men, getting impressive results. The humankind has latently developed and retains the code for mastering of handwriting and calligraphy.

A hand-written sheet is always warmer and more emotional than a printed one. It has a greater energetic charge, let alone individuality. Beautiful writing always means illustrative and individual disclosure of thoughts, emotions, feelings and aesthetic views. This is a true transmission of energy.

If you like and master calligraphy, you will make modest but surprising discoveries of yourself, your views, feelings and preferences.

By discovering calligraphy, you will discover yourself and your world, you will give yourself to yourself and others. Yet each sheet of paper that came from your hands will be warmed and charged with your energy and love.

Discover yourself and make gifts to yourself and people.

Beauty of calligraphy

Author works

“Our Father...”

Tinted paper, acryl, gratography technique (paper scraping), 103х95 cm, 2010

Sketch of Ukrainian calligraphic script

Tinted paper, gouache, brush, 70х55 cm, 2008.

“Veni, vidi, vici” Composition

Tinted paper, gouache, brush, 70х65 cm, 2008.

Sketch of a calligraphic font “Wave”

Tinted paper, gouache, brush, 57х70 cm, 2008.
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Words Of Wisdom
For the largest part ill handwriting in the world is caused by hurry.
(Lewis Carroll)