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Werner Schneider

Werner  Schneider

Werner Schneider

Wiesbaden, Germany

Calligrapher artist, Professor of Graphic Design at the Fachhochschule Wiesbaden (University of Applied Sciences), font designer

Statement regarding my activities in lettering art

It has always been important to me as an artist in the field of lettering to show script in its purest forms. In an age dominated by the computer, a machine that quite frequently distorts script and produces caricatures, I feel a strong obligation to the aesthetic aspects of a cultural asset with a long standing tradition. I feel that classical forms deserve our deepest respect. My work focuses primarily on reaching a high quality both in regard to static as well as dynamic expression.

I am also strongly interested in giving language a shape that represents its original content in an adequate and modern form. The fascination I have with rhythm that is such an important aspect of writing done by hand has lead me to design my work close to scriptorial forms. Even though I prefer an expressive and spontaneous approach to lettering, this art form should nevertheless still be accessible to critique and not dissolve in a jungle of shapes. We already have plenty of those and we should not increase their number by adding calligraphic grimaces.

Author works

My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

Hand-made paper, watercolours, wooden stick and pen, 48x62 cm, 2010


Hand-made paper, metal pen, 44x64 cm, 1992

Geometry can produce … Paul Standard

Handmade paper, hiero-note pen, Indian ink, 45x33 cm, 1997

I am that I am. Exodus 3.14

Japanese paper, wooden stick, metal pen, gilding, 22,5x29,5 cm, 1998


Japanese paper, Chinese ink, Chinese pen, 40x53 cm, 2005

My fault, my own fault, my most grevious fault…

Handmade paper, watercolor, wooden stick, 61x42 cm, 1998

Every man is a sinner; it is the nature of the sin that differs. Lichtenberg

Handmade paper, Chinese ink, wooden stick, 35x50 cm, 2003

The Roman capitals were not made for one day

Paper, watercolor, small pen, 21x30 cm, 2000

Believe me, a serious cause is a source of true joy. Seneca

Paper, watercolor, Sweden pen, 21x30 cm, 2004

The artist is just one who can turn solution to riddle. Karl Kraus

Handmade paper, glass pen, Indian ink, 16x31 cm, 2001

My heart is Astir…. Psalm 45,3

Sweden pen on Handmade paper 48x62 cm, 2008

Psalm 139

Hand-made paper, metal pen, ink, 43x61 cm, 2009

Postcard № 1

A postcard with Mahatma Gandhi’s dictum “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed”, 21x29 cm, 2009

Postcard № 2

A postcard with dictum, 21x29 cm, 2001

Postcard № 3

A postcard with dictum, 21x29 cm, 2002

Postcard № 4

A postcard with dictum, 21x29cm, 2003

Postcard № 5

A postcard with dictum, 21x29 cm, 2005

Postcard № 6

A postcard with variations of “A”, 21x29 cm, 2005

Postcard № 7

A postcard with John F. Kennedy’s dictum, 21x29 cm, 2007

Postcard № 8

A postcard with dictum “Good day for good things”, 21x20 cm, 2008

Postcard № 9

A postcard with dictum “We all make mistakes”, 19x29 cm, 2003

Postcard № 10

Postcard with dictum, 21x29 cm

Postcard № 11

A postcard with dictum “Vitam impendere vero”, 20x10 cm, 2004

Postcard № 12

A postcard with dictum “The Roman capital script was not created per diem”, 42x29 cm, 2000

The Roman capitals were not intended for one day

Paper, watercolor, hiero-note pen, 21x30 cm, 2000
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