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Qamar Dagar

Qamar  Dagar

Qamar Dagar

New Delhi, India

Calligrapher and Artist

On calligraphy

Classically calligraphy can be termed as an art of beautiful writing. For centuries it has been practiced, all the great religious scriptures of the world are ready examples of the significance attached to beautiful writing. However, it is not confined to the religious books, gradual changes helped it to develop into a full-fledged art form.

As a child I was very keen on drawing and painting, Decoration, embellishment, colours, different forms and figures all fascinated me, but with time and without my noticing it, I got involved more with writing alphabets, they are designs in their own right. I feel we have the freedom to give them our own form and interpretation. My tools are the qalams (bamboo pens), card board and calligraphy pens, my preferred choice. Devanagri and Urdu are the two scripts that I use my tools on.

Personally I am of the view that all scripts of the world are an amazing khazana (treasure). I feel fortunate to have been born in a culturally rich country where several languages and scripts co-exist like us all, therefore it is only natural that these two scripts should also co-exist in my work. This in any case is our true identity and we should celebrate this uniqueness.

I select words such as Khaas (special),Silsila (continuity), Jashn (celebration) or Noor (eternal light), poetry or expressions that are close to my heart and that I believe in. I interpret them as I understand their meaning and spirit. I am fascinated and moved by the fact that a few strokes or sometimes one stroke can create a lifelike image. If the impression of flow and movement can be created then, that is music. And the same letters when designed or created with elaborate detailing can give the impression of decoration or embellishment. That is celebration of life to me. From one stroke to many, a natural process of evolution happens where the creator, the artist and the created expressions are evolving alike.

Simplicity is the most beautiful and the most difficult to cultivate. This can come with time and experiences one gathers. Personally for me I am interested in both simplicity and embellishments as both complete the two ends of the spectrum. It can be very interesting to see the other side. This exploration can also be termed as our journey that we undergo with or without us knowing it, we imbibe a lot that eventually finds its place in our artistic expressions.

Author works

The Сonnection

Ink and acrylic on paper, Calligraphy qalam, cardboard, 38x30.5 cm, 2009

The Continuity

The Journey

Ink and acrylic on paper, Calligraphy qalam, cardboard, 63.5x46 cm, 2007


Ink and acrylic on paper, Calligraphy qalam, card board, 38x30,5 cm, 2008

The Seventh Note

Ink and acrylic on paper, Calligraphy qalam, card board, 35,3x56 cm, 2008

The Special

Each individual is special in his own way, Hindi/Urdu. 
Chinese ink, acrylic & natural colour on ivory paper, 63,5x46 cm, 2008

The Prelude

The tranquil and continuous flow, Hindi/Urdu. Acrylic & Natural color on ivory paper, 35.4x56 cm, 2008.

The Beginning

Ink and acrylic on paper, Calligraphy qalam, card board, 63,5x46 cm, 2008
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Words Of Wisdom
For the largest part ill handwriting in the world is caused by hurry.
(Lewis Carroll)