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Pavel Semchenko

Pavel  Semchenko

Pavel Semchenko

Minsk, Belarus

Calligrapher artist, Professor, Spiritual Renaissance prize winner

Cognitive calligraphy

Cognitive calligraphy

Absorbed by scientific and technical achievements of computerization, we have somehow lost and forgotten something substantial, which is inherent in a person in the first place, which played a major part in his/her evolution – the graphic form of language. The dialogue as to what came first – a verbal word or a graphic sign – is still not over. Obviously, the right statement is that this phenomenon has always been a dual one. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that what the speech is, such is the writing, and vice versa. Just one example: such subject as rhetoric was eliminated from the school curriculum; and calligraphy disappeared some time later. The meaning of the word and the thought was devalued. Expression, primitivism, and functionalism emasculated the culture of communication. They denied graphic writing the opportunity to improve artistically, and a person, to improve spiritually, by the simplest means, using paper, ink and a fountain pen or only a brush. But let’s be optimistic: not everything is lost. In certain countries, for instance in Japan, China and the UAE, this line of writing develops and has never been interrupted, and calligraphy was and is the main type of art. We are grateful to those enthusiastic masters who, despite circumstances, preserve and continue to improve the graphic of a letter, word and text to a level of a creative work.

Beauty of calligraphy

Author works

Initial "Glagol"

Paper, gouache, pen, stamping, 60x70 cm, 2010

Mortally Wounded Bison

Paper, tempera, pen, 66x89 cm, 2009

Application to become a member of the National Union of Calligraphers

Black paper, white ink, sharp-pointed nib pen, 24.9x32.8 cm, 2009

Boldino Autumn

Paper, tempera, pen, 65x85 cm, 2008


Paper, ink, pen, 51x97 cm

Not a single day without a line. Calligraphy scroll

Paper, ink, pen, 3000x60 cm, 2008


Image-calligraphy work after Adam Mitskevich
Paper, tempera, pen, 70x100 cm, 2008

Boldino Autumn

Image-calligraphy work after A. Pushkin
Paper, tempera, pen, 70x100 cm, 2008.

The Basics of Font Graphics

PH Vysheishaya Shkola, Minsk, 96 pages, 17x24 cm, 1978

A. Torkunov, Rector of Moscow State Institute

Paper, ink, pen, 30x40 cm
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Words Of Wisdom
When there are no words left, the meaning is still preserved.