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Jovanka Sorgic

Jovanka  Sorgic

Jovanka Sorgic

Novi Beograd, Serbia


About Calligraphy

Love for calligraphy, as a branch of art, in my life has been connected with beautiful handwriting and cherishing Cyrillic, the national writing of my people. In that sense, one part of my work is directed towards the spiritual traditional texts and through those texts I try to preserve and prolong the values of calligraphy that are embodied in Serbian traditional art. The pieces are mostly written in “srpski ustav”, an old Serbian type of writing. At the same time, a calligraphic sign is often connected with the stylized picture writing, and today is most commonly found as an element of a modern painting. It provides the feeling of the beauty of form and, at the same time, the strong need to understand a certain contents. Calligraphic sign completely activates both kinds of curiosity combining them into something else, usually with a personal touch.

Author works

Exodus to Egypt

Pastel paper, ink, egg tempera, gold, steel pen, 29x47 cm, 2010


A combined technique, ink, a steel pen, size 40x30 cm, 2009

Virgin Mary

Pastel paper, ink, golden ink, golden powder, steel pen, size 46x76 cm, 2008


Hammer paper, ink, cane, size 42,5x67 cm, 2008


Surface made of plaster and straw on wooden foundation, coloured by oil paint, letters written by a paintbrush and also oil paint, size 43x63 cm, 2009


Pastel paper, toned by oil paint, ink, steel pen, size 29x32 cm, 2009


Pastel paper on wooden foundation, temper, golden powder, reed, ink, size 27x36 cm, 2009

Victory of Love

Parchment paper, steel pen, post wax, saten bar, size 28x40 cm, 2009

The window

Drawing paper , ink and coal, a steel pen,size 22 × 28 cm, 2006


Pastel paper ,ink,coal, gold powder,cane, size 37х53 cm, 2008


Papyrus, ink,tempera,paint brush,a steel pen,size 20 × 28 cm, 2007

A roll

A combined technique ( paper and plaster of Paris) on wood , painted with tempera, a steel pen, size 31 × 52 cm, 2008

The Anthem of Love

Hand-made paper, ink, steel pen, 40x47 cm, 2010

The Lord is My Shepherd

Papyrus, handmade paper, rattan, Indian ink, 35x45 cm, 2010

The Lord's Prayer

Pastel paper, ink, egg tempera, gold, steel pen, 42x60 cm, 2010

Glory to God in the highest...

Parchment paper, steel pen, post wax, satin bar, 29x39 cm, 2009

Triptych. Part 1. Glagolistic script.

Paper, ink, egg tempera, 40x30 cm, 2012

Triptych. Part 2. Cyrillic script.

Paper, ink, egg tempera, 40x30 cm, 2012

Triptych. Part 3. Roman script.

Paper, ink, egg tempera, 40x30 cm, 2012
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Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is the flower of a man′ s soul.