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Yevgeny Drobyazin

Yevgeny Drobyazin

Yevgeny Drobyazin

Moscow, Russia

Calligrapher, graphic artist, painter


Yevgeny Drobyazin is a graphic artist, a calligrapher, and a painter.

Born in July 10, 1948 in Sevastopol, Crimea.

In 1974 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Graphic Arts, Typography Department.

As a graphic artist he worked with: the Progress, Science, Imaginative Literature, Soviet Writer, Soviet Russia publishing houses. He was also a designer of books of classical literature, Soviet novels and poetry. Yevgeny Drobyazin: thoroughly studied Russian archaic scripts from the 15th -19th centuries (uncial, half-uncial Cyrillic book-hand, cursive); participated in many exhibitions of Moscow Book Artists Society and Art of Lettering exhibitions in the former USSR and other countries; was a member of Moscow City Committee of Graphic Artists and a teacher at refresher courses there.

Yevgeny possesses an extremely multifaceted creative nature. His colleagues highly appreciate his painting. The publication of his own poems, composed in classical Russian poetical style, became a real surprise for the whole world of art.

Nowadays Yevgeny Drobyazin works as a freelance artist.

Author works

Russkaya Pravda from Novgorod Book of the Helmsman as of 1282. Variant with letter “P”

Whatman paper, ink, brush, pen 50х60 сm, 2010

Application to become a member of the National Union of Calligraphers

Steel pen, 21.1x32.9 cm, 2009

Praying to Martyr Vlasiy, bishop of Sebastian

Russian Cyrillic left slope cursive handwriting. Whatman, paper, black ink, steel pen, 61х49 cm, 2008

The National Anthem of the Russian Federation

Whatman paper, black ink, steel pen, 66x45 cm, 2009


Manifesto 1762 “We Ekaterina II ...”

Ink, metal pen, 38x51 cm, 1999

“Our Father”

Whatman, ink, steel nib, 43x60.3 cm, 2012

International Exhibition of Calligraphy

Poster of the second International Exhibition of Calligraphy. Coloured paper, broad-nib pen, watercolour, ink, 53x75 cm, 2009

Glory to God in the highest...

Paper, broad-nib pen, ink, 29x42 cm, 2009

Isidor Pelusiot. About Church

Whatman paper, ink, steel nib, 70x50 cm, 2012

The National Anthem of the Russian Federation (photo)

Photograph, A4, 2009, 29.7X21 cm
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Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is the art of deliberate hieroglyphic corruption and transformation in order to reach natural harmony.