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Anne Yokosakamakiokimoto Yamasaki 1936—2010

Anne Yokosakamakiokimoto Yamasaki 1936—2010

Anne Yokosakamakiokimoto Yamasaki 1936—2010

Hawaii, USA


Thoughts about calligraphy

San Francisco—Japanese food—encouragement—music—freedom! This is lighthearted but I am usually allowed to take some liberties.

I used to run a calligraphy center (school, supplies, studio and gallery) in Los Angeles with two lovely partners. The Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa introduced me to letterforms in the days when restaurants would give you free meals in return for writing out their menus.

During my years as president of the Friends of Calligraphy in San Francisco I observed the delight and hard-earned pride that handwriting brought our members. It still does. 

I live, dream, breathe and eat letterforms. When dieting, I consume few o's and q's and more l's.

Author works

Tumbling Blocks (copy)

Strathmore paper, Sumi ink, Brause pens, 35x50cm, 1997.

Penguin Capitals (copy)

Inkjet print on paper, 21x27cm, 1986.

Birthday Candle (copy)

140 pound hot press paper, Winson & Newton gouache, burnisher, platinum pen, 34x57cm, 1984.
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Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy — the written beauty of feelings.