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Andrea Wunderlich

Andrea  Wunderlich

Andrea Wunderlich

Goldkronach, Germany

Calligrapher, graphic designer

What calligraphy means to me

Kandinsky said: “Letters act as practical and useful signs, but also as pure form and inner melody”.

Already in my youth I have been fascinated by letters. My mother had nice handwriting, so I tried to write the same way. I have also been interested in art all those years and have always liked painting and drawing. In school I was always one of the best in this subject and also did my final tests in it.

Therefore I wanted professional training in a creative branch. For me this was textile design. At the end of my apprenticeship I won a prize for very good results in my final tests.

This gave me the possibility to take part in a workshop with calligrapher Helmut Hirmer.

Now I had found my favourite way of expressing myself. Calligraphy. I was advanced by Helmut Hirmer in my work and he even gave me the advice to start my own business.

Some years later, after a graphic design training, I started a company together with my husband Volker in the Atelier Wunderlich. I now do wall calligraphies, certificates, cards a.s.o., offer workshops in calligraphy and work as a graphic designer. After two years I became a member of the Schreibwerstatt Klingspor in Offenbach. There I met other calligraphers which was a great experience for me and helped me in my work. Since that time I take part in the Sommerschule and in other workshops.

Author works

Isaiah, chapter 43, versus 3 & 4

Paper, Acrylics, nib, Automatic Pen, 48x63 cm, 2010


Hahnemuhle Butten Paper, gouache, Brause Nib, Ruling Pen, Automatic Pen, 50x40cm, 2009

“E pluribus unum” (Out of many, one). Wall painting (Created in cooperation with Volker Thomas Wunderlich)

Pigments, chalk, marble aggregate, olive soap, woodsticks and brushes for writing, knife for graffito, 300x460 cm, 2008

Chicago. St.Petersburg

Watercolor paper, Sumi Ink, gouache, gold leaf, nib, automatic pen, ruling pen, 50x70 cm, 2008.

Where to Come Back?

Lana paper, Sumi ink, gouache, automatic pen, ruling pen, 43x63 cm, 2008.

Exciting Red

Writing into a wet surface. Patchy paper, Sumi ink, automatic pen, 57x40 cm, 2008

Red Layers

Patchy paper, Japanese paper, Sumi ink, brush, 65x52 cm, 2008

Tulips II

Ingres paper, piceous ink, gouache, automatic pen, ruling pen, nib, watercolor background, 46x60 cm, 2007.


Handmade paper, piceous ink, gouache, autopen, watercolor background, 50x42 cm, 2007.


Ingres paper, gold leaf, Sumi ink, shellack ink, gouache, automatic pen, ruling pen, nibs, background: watercolor, 49x63 cm, 2007.

Tulips I

Ingres paper, piceous ink, gouache, automatic pen, ruling pen, nib, watercolor background, 48x63 cm, 2007.
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