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World calligraphy masterpieces in Sokolniki park

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The culture and exhibition centre Sokolniki welcomes the2nd International Exhibition of Calligraphy. Such a large scale culture event is held in Moscow for the first time ever. It is organized under the aegis of the UNESCO Commission for the Russian Federation and Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The masters of calligraphy arrived in Moscow from across the world.

The major part of the exhibition is placed in a two-storey pavilion which was equipped purposefully for this exhibition. The total exhibition area measures 5, 000 sq.m. which highlights the large scale of the event. However, other figures impress as well: the exhibition demonstrates calligraphic masterpieces from thirty countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Israel, Japan, China, Iran, France, Italy, Germany, USA, Australia, Brazil and some other countries. The official opening ceremony was attended by ambassadors, representatives of cultural centres, museums, and education centres. The Director of the exhibition and Director of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy Alexey Shaburov emphasized the importance of the event which will surely contribute to development of the world’s calligraphy. Every country can boast its artistic achievements, the task is to make them available for other countries and people as well. For the first time ever the exhibition displays a masterpiece of sacral calligraphy placed in the Guinness World Records, a sacral Jewish manuscript written on parchment by a renowned Jerusalem calligrapher Abraham Hersh-Borshevsky. Until now the sacral artifact has never been exhibited in Russia.

Here are some facts about the item. A mezuzah is a piece of parchment inscribed with specified Hebrew verses from the Torah (Deuteronomy). These verses proclaim the unity of God, love for Him and faith to his testimonials. A mezuzah is often contained in a decorative case and affixed to the doorframe of Jewish homes. As historians put it, a mezuzah is A manuscript with a 3, 000 year long history.

Visitors will see the unique artworks: a draft copy of the illustrated national anthem of the Russian Federation, a present to President Dmitry Medvedev from Italian Prime-Minister Silvio Berlusconi, the unique handwritten Constitution of the Russian Federation, Decalogue, Golden Quran, the sculptures by George Beckman, a sacred mantra, the unique calligraphy piece “on a fly’s wing” and many other amazing things.

The sacred mantra is carved into yellow sandstone and coated with leaf gold. The “Karmapa Chenno” mantra literally means “Embodiment of the compassion of all Buddhas, take heed of me”. It is one of the most popular mantras in Tibet. A rare exhibit was granted by the Russian Association of Buddhists, the Karma Kagyu school.

A few words about the Golden Quran. The only and exact copy of the most ancient Islamic manuscript dated to the 8th century “The Quran of Uthman” is made of Au 999 gold at the Moscow Mint of the Ministry of Finance of Russia in 2006 by request of the “WT” company. “The Golden Quran” consists of 162 plates according to the number of pages of the original. It took the Moscow Mint eighteen months to make a copy.

The Decalogue is cased in glass and kept in a special place. It is the acme of perfection which was first evaluated by the coming masters of calligraphy.

Moscow welcomed the most illustrious calligraphers of the time. Among them were Barbara Calzolari, calligrapher of Pope Benedict XVI, Massimo Polello, the President of Turin Calligraphers Guild, Nja Mahdaoui, artists of UNESCO, Yadollah Kaboli, a renowned Iranian artist, Michel D’Anastasio, painter and graphic designer.

The grand masters agreed to hold some master classes at the exhibition. It means every visitor will be able to watch the masters of calligraphy at work.


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