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The art of perfection

The art of perfection

The 2nd International Exhibition of Calligraphy, Pavilions 7a and 17, Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre. Until November 14th.

Unfortunately, not many people know about the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy located in Sokolniki, Moscow. It is worth saying that the exposition displayed in the museum is not just some kind of strange gaping-stock, forgotten by God and people, but a truly well designed, serious thing. Moreover, Moscow is aiming to become the center of the 2nd International exhibition of calligraphy. If you manage to visit it, you will discover a whole new world of very special and unfathomable beauty. There are works presented from Israel, Turkey, Japan, China, Mongolia, Jordan, Germany, the USA, Peru, the Netherlands, Belarus, and Russia. The large premises the exhibition is unfolded in speak of the event’s scale, as well as the fact that the art, unfairly considered old-fashioned, until present day is able to impress any audience: starting from a neophyte to an expert. No wonder the ancient Chinese believed that if there was a lurking power that appeared and arose in the tip of the brush, nothing will stop it. This is true. It is impossible to escape the hidden power of it, this mystery of words writing, the magic meaning that a text acquires. It seems like a sacred meaning of it has become the main theme in the exposition design.

The two-level area of the main pavilion is stretched in length, like a temple, and is divided into aisles. A visitors“ path is laid out with red candles burning in transparent vases. The inside atmosphere portrays lightened works, the beams of blue spotlights illuminates the hall, the sound of playing violins the background, fresh flowers placed around and magnifying glasses next to each masterpiece. These elements create some kind of a “perfect faraway”, a museum of the future. The museum’s designers have made their work in the best possible way. At some point you begin to think that the exhibition space is designed so brilliantly that it is also a pure work of art. In one word, it is a rare unity of form and content. Here lectures are held and master classes are given. Those who have no clue what calligraphy is will surely fall in love with it. When those who had a small glimpse of this world and felt harmony in the soul will never want to part with it.

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Exhibition opens in 1380 days
Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is the art of deliberate hieroglyphic corruption and transformation in order to reach natural harmony.