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On an Asian fly’s wing

The 2nd International exhibition of Calligraphy was opened in Sokolniki park. The exhibition space of 5, 000 sq.m. demonstrates calligraphic art works from 30 countries. Calligraphy is by right referred to as a kind of art. Every symbol is filled with emotion, thought and sense. The exhibition displays a unique copy of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, sacral mantra, and a unique exhibit from Asia: “calligraphy on a fly’s wing”. Besides these, the visitors will see a draft illustrated handwritten anthem of the Russian Federation (a present to Dmitry Medvedev from Silvio Berlusconi).

The exhibition is open until November 14th (seven days a week).

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Exhibition opens in 1389 days
Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is the flower of a man′ s soul.