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Welcome to “Our Orekhovo”

Dear members of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia!

Join us at the village of Orekhovo in the Spassky district of the Ryazan region to watch a friendly hockey game between the teams of an amateur hockey league, Spassk and Izhevskoe. The team of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia will also play. The competition is sponsored by the private agricultural company “Our Orekhovo”, which is also a sponsor of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia.

An exhibition of blacksmith’s craft “Blade. Tradition and Modernity” and figure skating showcase performances will take place as part of the event, along with the sports competitions. The Pilaf and Barbecue Festival will be available for all the guests of the event!

This large-scale event is timed to mark the Groundbreaking ceremony of the Museum and Educational Center “Our Orekhovo”, as well as the upcoming New Year holidays. At the festival, you can already dive into the Christmas spirit.

The Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky Museum in Izhevskoe and the Nature Museum of the Okskiy State Biosphere Reserve will offer guided tours the museums.

If you wish to attend the festival, you can book a stay in one of many cozy home-like hotels of the Spassky region or the guesthouses near Orekhovo and enjoy the wilderness and picturesque winter rural landscapes.

Join us on December 14 at 2 PM on the hockey field at the central square of Orekhovo!

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