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We welcome a new participant

Our calligraphic society is growing all the time. One more calligrapher joined the project. Bahman Panahi, a calligrapher and musician from Iran, now lives in Paris. “I am continually struck by how simple letters can come alive; they transport me into a dream world. For me, they are like the notes in music; they are my means of travel to this fantasy world”, he said.

We welcome a new participant Bahman Panahi

Calligraphy and music harmoniously combine in Bahman Panahi’s creative activity.

We welcome a new participant Bahman Panahi

A prominent calligrapher, participant of a number of exhibitions, president of the Lines and Points Art and Culture Association (Paris), member of the French House of Artists, he simultaneously takes part in a UNESCO programme entitled “The Melody for Dialogue Among Civilizations”, participates with in various performances with orchestras, gives solo concerts.

Source: International Exhibition of Calligraphy

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