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Typomania-2018 international festival

Typomania international festival is a cultural and educational project dedicated to the script, typographics, calligraphy and motion design. Typomania is annually organized in Moscow since the year 2012. The letter, word, language, communications are in the spotlight of the festival. Typomania 2018 includes books exhibitions, lectures, master classes by Russian and foreign specialists, a typographics video contest, a fair, a social circuit.

Typomania-2018 will take place in Moscow from 26th of May to 3d of June on the Moscow Museum territory as well in several Russian cities. The theme of Typomania 2018 is “East-West”.

The invited specialists representing the field of design from 15 countries of Europe, Asia and Middle East will held master classes in lettering and will be representing poster and calligraphic exhibitions and holding lectures on the typographics.

Typomania-2018 international festivalTypomania-2018 international festival
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Exhibition opens in 355 days
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