Tver students will study calligraphy

Penmanship classes will be introduced in 10 regional schools effective September 1, as a part of the new, presidential grant awarded project.

Each student can now boast clean and fine handwriting, which is the outcome of a new innovative methodology devised in Tver. Calligraphy practice is introduced as early as the very first classes.

The first year students do more than mere copying of letters and numbers in their copybooks, being taught to see the beauty in complex elements and explore the way they are written.

The three pedagogical pillars according to Ushinsky – the Orthodoxy, nationalism and scholarship – form the operational basis for the private extended education facility in Tver, named Russkaya Shkola (Russian School), which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2018. Winning the first presidential grants contest in Education and Scholarship nomination this year has come as a major present for this anniversary. The project will receive 1.2 mio RUB, and 200 sample workbook copies are already published. 8 schools in Kalininsky district and 2 in Tver will serve as a testing ground for implementing the new methodology.

The grant project has launched on September 1 with the entire school year agenda already in place – it features seminars, experience exchange, online tutorials and research and training conferences. There is no doubt the new methodology is going to be in demand in Russian schools. The total of 8 institutions have been awarded the grants to implement projects in various areas. According to the governor, Igor Rudenya, the projects to be financially supported are aimed at learning healthcare processes, promotion of healthy living and application of new technologies in education and scholarship.

Tver students will study calligraphy


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Calligraphy is the art of deliberate hieroglyphic corruption and transformation in order to reach natural harmony.