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Tolbukhino museum association comes as final destination of the second stage of expedition across private museums of Russia

Last Sunday the expedition team visited a museum association named Tolbukhino located in the same name village in Yaroslavl region. The museum facility occupies three renowned old merchant manors dating back to the 18th-19th centuries. The total of 24 historical museums ranging from the Bronze Age and to the USSR (The Sanctuary of Fatyanovo tribes, the Museum of Peter the Great, the Museum of Old Engravings, the Museum of Communication, the Museum of Fashion, the Museum of Marshal Tolbukhin, the Museum of Tea Drinking etc.) is located in the architectural monuments of the 19th century – the old houses previously owned by the Kislovs, prosperous villagers (The Tea House of the Kislov Merchants and the Palace of Ivan Kislov), and in Fedor Shelepov's manor.

Tours across museums, old streets and parks of Tolbukhino will provide unique historical details of one of the first civilizations dating back to the Bronze Age – a settlement of Fatyanovo culture, giving the opportunity to see and touch genuine objects from the 3rd millennium B.C., learn the history of the settlement, village and merchant classes, and seasonal work for the villagers, including blacksmithing, moulding, sewing and embroidery.

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Exhibition opens in 192 days
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