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One of the activities of the project “The Legacy of the Tenishevs: Preservation and Revival”, supported by the Presidential Grants Foundation, was the creation of the virtual museum of M.K. Tenisheva with the help of young people from four regions. The museum opened in March 2022 at музей-тенишевой.рф. The Virtual Museum of M.K. Tenisheva is a virtual reconstruction of the Tenishev manor house in Khotylevo, which was destroyed in 1943. The museum has sections dedicated to the life and work of M.K.Tenisheva in Bryansk, Smolensk, Moscow, St.Petersburg and Paris, as well as the main areas of her social and creative work: opening schools and museums, theater and the revival of Russian folk art, enamel works, and her estates in Khotylevo and Talashkino.

The virtual museum has a photo gallery and a portrait gallery. The portrait gallery presents portraits of M.K. Tenisheva by I. Repin, K. Korovin, M. Vrubel and other famous artists, including a portrait by V. Serov, which she brought with her to Paris and which is now in a private collection. The museum’s library contains books by M.K.Tenisheva and books about her charitable and educational activities, including the book by Irina Kenya and Rene Guerra “The Legacy of M.K.Tenisheva”. Also in the library you can take video tours of the Tenisheva-related places in St. Petersburg and Smolensk.

The exhibition halls of the virtual museum feature the works of schoolchildren and students in the style of Russian folk crafts and paintings by young artists painted en plein-air during the Tenishev Festivals in Khotylevo and Talashkino. In the museum hall, recreated based on a historical photograph of the Tenishev manor house, you can watch films made on the initiative of the Mogilevtsev Brothers Foundation, dedicated to the preservation and revival of the Tenishev legacy, as well as reports from the Tenishev festivals, listen to an audiobook by M.K.Tenisheva “My life’s impressions” dedicated to Khotylevo. The virtual museum allows you to see Tenisheva’s houses in St. Petersburg and Paris, her museum in Smolensk, schools in Bryansk and St. Petersburg. The virtual museum of Tenisheva is available online, which provides an opportunity for young people from various regions of Russia to learn about M.K.Tenisheva creative work.

You can visit the museum at музей-тенишевой.рф

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