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The Project Team at the International Club of Petersburgers

The Project Team of the International Exhibition of Calligraphy was invited to the spring Assembly of the International Club of Petersburgers. Members of this authoritative club are also our partners on the project. We would like to remind you that the presentation of the first handwritten copy of the Constitution of the Russian Federation to be published by Rare Book of St.-Petersburg PH would take place within the framework of this project.

Во всемирном клубе петербуржцев - новости каллиграфии Mikhail Piotrovsky, Pyotr Suspitsin, and Alexey Shaburov discussing important issues of the upcoming event
Во всемирном клубе петербуржцев - новости каллиграфии The Project Team in St George's Hall of the Winter Palace

Source: International Exhibition of Calligraphy

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Calligraphy is the art of deliberate hieroglyphic corruption and transformation in order to reach natural harmony.