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The International Exhibition of Calligraphy Goes Beyond Borders

The 15th of April brought a Chinese participant to the International Exhibition of Calligraphy. Master Chen Wenfu, continuator of a great dynasty of Chinese calligraphers, member of the Chinese Scientific Union of Antithetical Couplets visited the project organizers and gave his consent to take part in the event. This unique calligrapher has lived in Moscow for two years and he is the only Moscow calligrapher fully proficient in the sacred skills of Chinese calligraphy, including the most complicated technique – blindfolded calligraphy. The master agreed to take part in the project and promised to visit the presentation of the project on May 14th. Mr. Chen will select a number of his works for display at the exhibition.

Chang Wang-Fu, project team - calligraphy news Master Chen Wenfu and the Project Team

Source: the International Exhibition of Calligraphy

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