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The International Exhibition of Calligraphy cuts a window through on Europe

On April 29th, Pavel Revenko, member of the Project Team of the International Exhibition of Calligraphy met Jean Larcher, a famous French calligrapher in Paris. Messrs. Larcher and Revenko had their meeting near the Centre Pompidou, which underlined the significance of the moment. Jean Larcher is a world-known calligrapher, teacher of calligraphy at the leading European universities of art; he has participated in over 250 international exhibitions.

Jean Larcher - calligraphy news

Mr. Larcher kindly contributed some of his works to be displayed at the International Exhibition of Calligraphy. He admired the idea to organize such a project in Russia. Jean Larcher turned out to be of a remarkably favourable opinion on the project’s website, which, according to the artist, raises the curtain that veils this intriguing, and sometimes even sacral art of calligraphy.

Jean Larcher - calligraphy news

Perhaps Jean Larcher will even be so kind as to give a “family” master-class at the upcoming exhibition in Saint Petersburg. His wife is a calligrapher too, though she working in a more expressive manner.

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Source: International Calligraphic Exhibition

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